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Primary Drug Name: Neurontin

Neurontin is available from our Canadian pharmacy. Neurontin is expensive in the US because the US Government does not regulate prescription and Neurontin prices in Neurontin pharmacies. Neurontin is cheap in Canada because Canadian Government regulates Neurontin price. Our Canadian pharmacy supplies Neurontin worldwide, and our prices for Neurontin are in US dollars. If you have any Neurontin questions, or questions about our Canada drugs Canadian pharmacy, please contact us or visit our pharmacy FAQ page.

Q: Why do Neurontin prescription medications cost less in Canada?
A: The Canadian government regulates prescription Neurontin drug prices and the currency exchange favors the stronger U.S. dollar. That’s why you can save hundreds of dollars per year by ordering Neurontin from our Canadian Pharmacy.

Q: Is it legal to order Neurontin medications from Canada?
A: The FDA allows you to import up to a 3 month supply of each of your medications for personal use. If you have a Neurontin prescription for more than a 3 month supply, we will fill them as refills.

Q: Is a Neurontin prescription required?
A: Yes. Just like your local Neurontin drugstore, we require a valid Neurontin prescription from a licensed physician in your area.

Q: Can you fill Neurontin prescriptions from American doctors?
A: Yes. Once our Canadian doctor reviews and approves your Neurontin prescriptions, your order will be filled.

Q: What about the quality of the Neurontin medications?
A: All of our Neurontin medications are of the same brand, quality, purity and potency as those in the USA. In fact, most of our medications are manufactured in the USA or produced by American companies in their Canadian facilities. Plus, all of the Neurontin medications are government approved by Health Canada, the Canadian equivalent of the FDA.

Q: Are you licensed?
A: Yes. All of your prescriptions are reviewed and filled by government licensed pharmacists and physicians.

Q: Can I save more money with Neurontin generic drugs?
A: Yes. Generic medications are of the exact same quality and potency as brand name drugs, but cost less. To maximize your savings, we will always substitute generic Neurontin drugs where possible.

Q: How much is Neurontin shipping?
A: All your medications will be shipped to you for a flat rate of $15 USD per order, so we suggest that you order all your prescriptions at the same time to save on shipping.

Q: Can two Neurontin orders be shipped together for the $15 fee?
A: Yes. Simply complete the “2-for-1 Shipping” box on both your order forms and fax or mail them in together. We’ll ship both your orders to the same address for one $15 shipping fee.

Q: How can I pay for my Neurontin order?
A: You can pay by VISA, MasterCard or international money order. However, we strongly recommend you pay by credit card so that you can order your Neurontin refills by phone.

Q: What’s the fastest way to get my Neurontin medications?
A: The fastest way is to fax in your order and pay by credit card. You’ll receive your Neurontin medications in 2-3 weeks.

Q: What about Neurontin refills?
A: Our free refill reminder service will call you 30 days before your refill is due so that you can authorize your refill order.

Q: Are there any duties, taxes or other fees?
A: No. Prescription Neurontin medicines from Canada are tax and duty free. You pay only for your medicine and the flat $15 shipping fee.

Q: Will you accept my Neurontin insurance coverage?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept American insurance. However, you’ll receive a detailed receipt with your order that you can submit to your insurance company.

Q: Will you ship Neurontin to countries other than the United States & Canada??
A: No, we only ship Neurontin orders to the United States & Canada.

What special Neurontin precautions should I follow?
Before taking Neurontin/gabapentin,
tell your doctor and Neurontin pharmacist if you are allergic to Neurontin/gabapentin or any other drugs.
tell your doctor and Neurontin pharmacist what prescription and nonprescription medications you are taking, especially antacids such as Mylanta or Maalox, cimetidine (Tagamet), oral contraceptives, and vitamins.
tell your doctor if you have or have ever had kidney disease.
tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. If you become pregnant while taking Neurontin/gabapentin, call your doctor.
if you are having surgery, including dental surgery, tell the doctor or dentist that you are taking Neurontin/gabapentin.
you should know that this Neurontin drug may make you drowsy. Do not drive a car or operate machinery until you know how this Neurontin drug affects you.
remember that alcohol can add to the drowsiness caused by this Neurontin drug.

Why is this Neurontin medication prescribed?
Neurontin/Gabapentin is used in adults to treat certain types of seizures in the treatment of epilepsy.

Neurontin is sometimes prescribed for other uses; ask your doctor or Neurontin pharmacist for more Neurontin information.

How should this Neurontin medicine be used?
Neurontin/Gabapentin comes as a capsule to take by mouth. Neurontin is taken three times a day. To minimize Neurontin side effects, take the very first Neurontin dose at bedtime. Then take this Neurontin medication at evenly spaced times throughout the day and night to ensure a constant level of Neurontin/gabapentin in your body. Follow the Neurontin directions on your Neurontin prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or Neurontin pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. Take Neurontin/gabapentin exactly as directed. Do not take more or less of Neurontin or take Neurontin more often than prescribed by your doctor.

Continue to take Neurontin/gabapentin even if you feel well. Do not stop taking Neurontin/gabapentin without talking to your doctor, especially if you have taken large Neurontin doses for a long time. Abruptly stopping the Neurontin drug can cause seizures. Your doctor probably will decrease your Neurontin dose gradually. This Neurontin drug must be taken regularly for a few weeks before its full effect is felt.

Neurontin Side Effects
Although side effects from Neurontin/gabapentin are not common, they can occur. Tell your doctor if any of these Neurontin symptoms are severe or do not go away:
blurred vision
irregular eye movements

If you experience any of the following Neurontin symptoms, call your doctor immediately:
skin rash
difficulty moving or breathing
flu-like symptoms
irregular, pounding, or fast heartbeat
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